What can I expect from the internship?

While at Shellbourne you will work in dining room service, culinary service, laundry and housekeeping side-by-side with experts in hospitality. The program is filled with work, professional and personal development classes, and lots of FUN! You will learn skills you will use for life!

Who is eligible for the internship for high schoolers?

Girls going into their sophomore - senior year of high school.

What are the 2019 dates?

High school: July 21 - 28 and August 3 - 11

What about internships for college women?

University students studying any field are welcome to participate in the internship!

Dates: May 20 - June 15. Please inquire if you're interested in a summer-long internship. 

Apply through the "Apply" page or contact us here

Where do I stay? 

        Participants live in the residence for the full-time staff of Shellbourne. 

Will I be paid?

Yes! High school participants receive $150/week (paid at the end of the internship). Room and board, tuition and activity fees are already deducted from the salary.

College students receive $350/week. 

What is the application process?

There are several steps to the application process:

  1. Come to a Weekend Workshop at Shellbourne. You can sign up for a weekend by visiting the "Sign Up" page under Weekend Workshops or click here.

  2. Have an interview with a staff member.

  3. Fill out the application and brief essay and send it to Shellbourne by April 1st.

When will I find out I'm in?

All applicants will be informed of acceptance by April 15th. Acceptances are not based on a first-come-first-serve basis.