The Art of Living is a comprehensive program designed to equip high school girls with skills in culinary art, home health, fashion, and interior design.

The program focuses on developing an eye for the needs of others and discovering the beauty of service. 

Throughout the program the following topics are covered:

Philosophy topics: the essence of service, the human person, serving with freedom, relationships.

Mentoring topics: self-knowledge, desire to serve, overcoming difficulties, eye for detail, and discovering the needs of others.

Culinary Art topics: ethnic cuisine, baking and pastries, knife skills, pasta, rice cookery, and soups.

Home Health topics: nutrition, healthy environment, first aid, dietary allergies, personal hygiene, rest, and sleep habits.

Fashion topics: design and color theory, culture and history, textiles, laundering, basic clothing repair, and sewing.

Interior Design topics: flower arranging, table decor, color theory, furniture history, and organization of space and light